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Advertising with children: a trend that over the years sells even better

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The ad with children is a huge business. 
That's why many brands send such commercials to Cannes Lions. Any expenditure will become profitable: take an attentive look at this commercial and you will immediately understand everything.




Slow Down GPS
Forsman & Bodenfors



Special GPS app will automatically switch to a child's voice In areas where children can play. the idea being that this audio cue will make drivers think more about children's safety — and that totally works.




Look Who's Driving
Forsman & Bodenfors



An ad shows a four-year-old kid at the wheel of an 18-ton truck. Young Sophie will drive Volvo FMX through construction area with a remote control. This ad looking terribly unsafe and the viewer is constantly worried about the child.


John Lewis


Monty The Penguin
Adam&EveDDB, London



The biggest triumph of last Christmas, this British campaign told an adorable, impeccably crafted story of friendship between a little boy and a penguin. But it wasn't just brilliant TV spot. It was an integrated juggernaut, with tie-ins across tech, retail, music and more.


SickKids Foundation


Better Tomorrows



A tagline of the campaign is “Make their tomorrow as good as your today”. 42 TV spots showed what happens in the hospital every day. Each video is dedicated to one patient and his family. Such a severe move attracted serious investments to the hospital.


ASB Bank

Clever Kash
Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand


Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand experts have created a brilliant advertisement for ASB Bank. The Clever Kash is an app for kids. It’s a fun and interactive way to learn how are money work. Gamification keeps kids motivated by saving for a goal.


Lockheed Martin

Generation Beyond Mars Experience Bus
Space Foundation



Created by Lockheed Martin, the Mars Experience Bus is the first immersive virtual reality vehicle ever built and replicates 200 square miles on the Martian surface.  The bus will show what it's like to drive on the Mars surface. This commercial is designed to prepare students for NASA's planned missions to Mars in the 2030s. 

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