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Photos from Interior Design Ideas's post

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Photos from Interior Design Ideas's post
S House Herzliya / Israel / 2016 The skyline - the meeting of earth and heaven - is the Archimedean point in every swath of architecture that orients the building in its surrounding. Whether it be built in a dense urban fabric, on a high mountain or a narrow, deep canyon - each building is measured by its sky. Classical architecture that developed within the bosom of the church, aspired toward the sublime, the dimensions were propelled upwards by way of vertical windows and tall columns. In contrast, however, modern architecture, particularly residential constructions, see the skyline as a backdrop of human creativity, a horizontal emphasis on the buildings’ dimensions or even as a mere tool serving human needs. In both the ancient and modern cases, the skyline is the simplest element required to place the building in a concrete context, even an imagined one. Second to that is the presence of another building and then trees and so on down the list of elements in the environment. Perhaps because of this, the architecture of private homes is the last bastion of the architecture of objects - not required to kowtow to its surroundings - it engages both architecture and sculpture. Initial Design and Planning: Irene Goldberg, Pitsou Kedem In charge architect: Raz Melamed Lighting design: Orly Avron Alkabes Styling for photography: Eti Buskila Photography: Amit Geron

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