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I fucking love science

4 часа назад

China Is Tracking Citizens Using Facial Recognition Technology

Well, this is terrifying. "Surveillance cameras are being used to identify citizens from a watchlist of suspects and to alert authorities if they venture outside a 300-meter "safe zone"
5 часов назад

Man’s Self-Removed Tapeworm Linked To Sushi Addiction

If you don't have a strong stomach, don't read this. This thing was monstrous.
6 часов назад

The Mysterious "Mothman" Has Been Spotted Flying Over Chicago. Here's What It Really Is

There have been 55 eye-witness reports since last February.
16 часов назад

Plants Respond To Anesthetics Just Like We Do

In case you're not quite grasping how insane this is: plants do not have nervous systems. This is utterly, utterly bizarre.
17 часов назад

Could “Glow In The Dark” Plants One Day Replace Street Lights?

These plants are straight out of Avatar.
18 часов назад

New Optical Illusion 'Spiral' Will Baffle Your Brain

This is truly mind-bending.
18 часов назад

Scientists Managed To Induce Synesthesia-Like Experiences In People Without The Condition

Normal people could be given this “superpower".

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