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National Geographic

2 часа назад

Magnificent Ancient Buildings Hewn From Living Rock

Stonemasons took decades to carve the detail-rich Kailasa temple in the 8th century A.D. It's the world's largest structure hewn from a single rock.
4 часа назад

Inside the 30-Year Quest for Babylon's Ishtar Gate

The beautiful blue portal, built by a king and buried by time, was constructed of vibrant glazed bricks and adorned with depictions of fantastic beasts.
4 часа назад

Frozen Iguanas

8 часов назад

Ancient Maps Show Islands That Don't Really Exist

Phantom islands have a long history of giving explorers headaches.
10 часов назад

A Baby Wildebeest Is Born

Witness the incredible moment a wildebeest gives birth in South Africa.
12 часов назад

You Need Your Personal Space—Here's the Science Why

The term "personal space" is relatively new—but that uneasy feeling you get when someone moves too close is ancient.
18 часов назад

Starving Polar Bear Photographers On What They'd Do Differently

"Spitting facts at people doesn’t inspire anybody, but if you tell them a story that pulls at the common threads of humanity, people understand," says photographer Cristina Mittermeier.

What It's Like to Live Where the Air Is Toxic

It's widely believed that living in Delhi cuts one’s average lifespan by more than 4 years.

You Can See Right Through This Frog's Belly

The glass frog's organs are visible through their transparent stomachs—take a look.

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