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National Geographic Adventure

7 часов назад

Breathtaking HD Journey to Everest and Beyond

Go beyond Everest in this exciting footage of some of the world's tallest peaks.
11 часов назад

Photos of Alex Honnold's Most Epic Climbs

Skill, training, and focus led Honnold to his historic free solo of El Capitan and moniker as greatest free solo climber in the world.
13 часов назад

America's 20 Best Mountain Bike Towns

Iconic trails are one thing, a great cycling community is quite another. Check out ten of our favorite bike towns around the U.S.
15 часов назад

The Last Death-Defying Honey Hunter of Nepal

Mauli Dahn climbs rope ladders—untethered—hundreds of feet into the air with one goal in sight: a pulsing mass of thousands of giant honeybees.

19 Places to Indulge Yourself

From Portugal's Douro Valley to Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park, dive into these 19 indulgent destinations sure to provide the adventure of a lifetime.

See Photos Taken on Illegal Visits to Chernobyl's Dead Zone

“You feel like the last person on Earth,” says one self-proclaimed "stalker."

43 Incredible Photos of U.S. UNESCO Sites: Present and Proposed

From the glowing lava flows of Hawaii to the pearly ice fields of Alaska, see which sites are under consideration and which ones have already made the cut.

Go Inside These World-Famous, Rarely Seen River Caves

Home to a staggering 8,000 caves—including 20 designated as "show caves"—Slovenia ranks among the world's premiere caving destinations.

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