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Popular Science

1 час назад

How close could a person get to the sun and survive?

Even getting close to the sun would be quite an accomplishment.
6 часов назад

2017 beat the odds to be the second hottest year on record

Second place is scarier than it sounds.
8 часов назад

It's 2018 and robots still won't do our laundry

Existing tech is a total wash.
11 часов назад

Yes, humans are still evolving. Here's how you can tell.

Even more evidence that we’re continuing to change.
13 часов назад

Astronomers just discovered a supermassive black hole from the dawn of the universe

And it's much bigger than we expected.
15 часов назад

What does space smell like?

Man, that comet really reeks.
17 часов назад

From the archives: How to stay fit and live longer, according to a 1920s authority on exercise

Original headline: "Keep Your Neck and Abdomen Strong and You Can Count on a Fifty Per Cent Longer Life than the Average Man."

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