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Physics Today

Physics Today     5 часов назад

Experiments support theory of cosmic magnetic field growth

Researchers have measured the amplification of a magnetic field in a turbulent laboratory plasma, providing the first physical demonstration of a mechanism that is thought to enhance fields in galaxies and galaxy...
Physics Today     8 часов назад

The Man Who Listens for Nuclear Tests Above the Arctic

"I'd heard there was a man who worked alone above the Arctic Circle, monitoring disturbances in the air to reveal illegal nuclear tests. So I had gone to find him and his infrasound listening station in Qaanaaq...
Physics Today     12 часов назад

A supernova for the ages, 30 years later

On this day in 1987, bursts of light and neutrinos reached Earth from an exploding star 168,000 light years away. It was the first supernova visible to the naked eye in nearly four centuries. Supernova 1987A was a...
Physics Today     21.02.2018

The history of physics, in 4000 manuscripts

Galileo's 1632 Dialogo? He's got it. The original paper by C. V. Raman on the Raman effect? He has that too. Same with Emmy Noether's work on algebraic invariants and Einstein's first papers on relativity. David...
Physics Today     21.02.2018

Physicists plan antimatter’s first outing — in a van

If all goes according to plan, then in a couple of years physicists at a CERN laboratory will produce a billion antiprotons, trap them with magnetic and electric fields, and then transport them by truck (!) to a...
Physics Today     17.02.2018

Ultrapure silicon brings the heat

Ultrapure crystals made up of 99.995% silicon-28 conduct heat remarkably well, according to a new study. One sample conducted about 450 watts of heat per centimeter per kelvin, which is an order of magnitude as high...
Physics Today     17.02.2018

Laser program at University of Rochester targeted for shutdown

The Trump administration's 2019 budget proposal calls for reducing the budgets of some government science agencies and keeping funding flat for others. It also recommends canceling some high-profile missions,...
Physics Today     14.02.2018

Watching the Falcon Heavy fly

Physics Today's Greg Stasiewicz braved the crowds on the Space Coast last week to watch the inaugural launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket. Here he reflects on the experience and the rocket's implications for the...
Physics Today     14.02.2018

A scientist captured an impossible photo of a single atom

On the anniversary of Voyager 1's Pale Blue Dot photo of Earth, here is a different but still impressive blue dot: a single atom. Oxford physicist David Nadlinger took this photo of a single strontium atom suspended...
Physics Today     14.02.2018

Commentary: Thinking differently about science and religion

In a commentary, Durham University physicist Tom McLeish argues that "maintaining the view that science and religion are in conflict does no one any favors and is hurting science." He laments that in many religious...

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