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Physics Today

Vaccination behavior as a critical phenomenon

Vaccination behavior as a critical phenomenon

Using data from the 2014–15 measles outbreak at Disneyland in California, researchers concluded that online social data, such as tweets and Google searches, could provide early warning signals of approaching outbreaks.

In honor of the LIGO detection of gravitational waves

Last night three members of the LIGO team received the Nobel Prize in Physics for their efforts in building the experiment that directly detected gravitational waves. In Развернуть

Cryoelectron microscopy pioneers win chemistry Nobel

Nobel laureates will be honored at a banquet this Sunday, 12 December. The latest issue of Physics Today includes detailed summaries of much of the prize-winning Развернуть

Trigonometry for the heavens

Trigonometry was intended for astronomers; 15th-century astronomer Regiomontanus called it “the foot of the ladder to the stars.” That's why early mathematicians were Развернуть

DeepMind’s AI became a superhuman chess player in a few hours, just for fun

Having mastered the game of Go, Google's AI program AlphaZero has now moved on to other board games. In a paper posted on the arXiv but not yet peer reviewed, Развернуть

Discovering Earth’s radiation belts

The field of space physics began once researchers had analyzed the data from Sputnik 2, the Soviet Union's second satellite, and Explorer 1, the US's first. The probes' Развернуть

Q&A: Science writer Govert Schilling on the future of astronomy

Science writer Govert Schilling talked to Physics Today about the often bumpy but ultimately successful effort to directly detect gravitational waves. The author, who Развернуть

Viewpoint: Cuprate Superconductors May Be Conventional After All

The discovery of copper oxide superconductors, or cuprates, in 1986 sparked a flurry of new research into high-temperature superconductivity. Yet 30 years later, how Развернуть

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