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Physics Today

Commentary: Surviving scientist burnout

Working in science brings a lot of pressure: the pressure to publish, to teach, to attend meetings, and to seek research funding. For some people, all those burdens can Развернуть

Hurricane Damages Giant Radio Telescope—What You Need to Know

During its battering of Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria damaged the iconic Arecibo radio telescope. The storm's ferocious winds snapped an antenna in half and damaged the Развернуть

Science television in the Sputnik age

Before NOVA, the National Geographic Channel, or even Bill Nye the Science Guy, there was Watch Mr. Wizard. In 1951 Chicago actor Don Herbert pitched a show in which he Развернуть

Ancient clues to modern methane sources

Humans may be emitting more methane than previously thought, according to a new study of Antarctic ice cores. The researchers came to their conclusion not by directly Развернуть

UK pledges $88 million toward US neutrino lab

The UK is chipping in $88 million toward a neutrino observatory hosted by Fermilab in the US. The joint science agreement, signed yesterday, is the first of its kind between the two countries.

Is predatory scientific publishing “becoming an organized industry”?

Predatory journals are an increasing concern in science publishing. The US Federal Trace Commission has filed a lawsuit against OMICS, an India-based company that Развернуть

Pirates — yes, pirates — may be why the U.S. doesn’t use the metric system

Today's history lesson: Pirates may be to blame for the US sticking with imperial units rather than switching to metric. In 1793 scientist Joseph Dombey planned to Развернуть

A new test of water ripples supports the idea of quantum heat in a vacuum

A new experiment with water waves is providing tantalizing evidence of a quantum effect proposed nearly a half-century ago. The Unruh effect posits "that if you are Развернуть

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