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BBC News

3 часа назад

Top French chef Paul Bocuse dies

Paul Bocuse has died at the age of 91, French President Emmanuel Macron described him as the "incarnation of French cuisine".
3 часа назад

Gunmen 'attacking major Kabul hotel'

Kabul's Intercontinental Hotel is under attack from gunmen, Afghan officials say.
4 часа назад

Ed Sheeran announces engagement

Ed Sheeran revealed he and girlfriend Cherry Seaborn are engaged on his Instagram account. He's getting a lot of likes! 💕
5 часов назад

Onion 'could help TB antibiotic fight'

Researchers believe the antibacterial properties extracted from the Persian shallot could increase the effects of existing antibiotic treatment.
7 часов назад

Tom Petty died of 'accidental overdose'

His family believes he was overusing prescription medication when he died in October, aged 66.
8 часов назад

New Zealand debates access to dead sea life footage

Animals including sea birds, dolphins, penguins and sea lions are routinely ending up in commercial fishing nets.
8 часов назад

US government shuts down after Senate vote

The US government has begun shutting down many of its services after the Senate failed to agree on a new budget.

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