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The New York Times

35 минут назад

‘Trump’s Racism Is a Rallying Cry for Us’: Miami Haitians See Opportunity in an Insult

Donald J. Trump's comments may have horrified many Americans, but for Haitians in South Florida, they were yet another reminder of the stigma they have faced since they began arriving decades ago in large numbers.
1 час назад

How an Artist Learned About Freedom From ‘The Negro Motorist Green Book’

For 30 years, black travelers navigating Jim Crow laws relied "The Negro Motorist Green Book" to guide them to safe places. Derrick Adams conjures their experiences in art.
1 час назад

New Zealand’s Leader, Jacinda Ardern, Says She Is Pregnant

Although Jacinda Ardern would be the first New Zealand leader to give birth while in office, she played down the idea that her case was particularly special, saying that Развернуть
2 часа назад

Opinion | With Climate Change, This Island Is Swallowed by the Sea

Nicholas Kristof writes in The New York Times Opinion Section: "One of the paradoxes of climate change is that the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people — who Развернуть
2 часа назад

Why Asking About Citizenship Could Make the Census Less Accurate

It’s a question that used to be on the national census every decade: whether you were a U.S. citizen.
3 часа назад

He Traded a Tortoise for a Turtle. He Got 6 Months in Jail.

A man who traded a 95-pound tortoise stolen from a nature center for $300 and a musk turtle has always been "an animal lover," his mother says. "That’s really his downfall."
4 часа назад

How Washington Reached the Brink of a Shutdown

A timeline of how a partisan debate over immigration and spending contributed to a looming government shutdown.
4 часа назад

In Shift, Mayor Voices Openness to Congestion Pricing

Mayor Bill de Blasio eased his opposition to congestion pricing for Manhattan drivers, calling a Cuomo proposal "a step in the right direction."

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