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Fox News

4 часа назад

'I Know You're Big on Lecturing': Carlson Battles Jorge Ramos Over 'Useless' Border Wall

Tucker Carlson engaged in a heated debate with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos Friday over President Trump's planned border wall.
5 часов назад

British Airways pilot removed from plane amid fears he was drunk

Passengers on a British Airways flight left in shock after their pilot was removed from the cockpit amid fears he was drunk.
6 часов назад

Trump blames Dems for shutdown, calls it 'nice present' marking his one year in office

President Donald J. Trump continued to blame Democrats for forcing a government shutdown overnight, arguing his opponents are “far more” concerned with illegal Развернуть
7 часов назад

Michelle Malkin

7 часов назад

First lady Melania Trump marks first year with grace and dignity

OPINION: "Mrs. Trump’s first year as our country’s first lady has been a success. She’s kept her composure despite unprecedented attacks against her husband, her son, Развернуть
8 часов назад

One Year of President Trump

8 часов назад

Trump administration to revoke Obama-era policy for abortion providers

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced Friday that it would revoke an Obama-era “legal guidance” that discouraged states from defunding Развернуть
9 часов назад

What happens during a government shutdown? 7 things you should know

It may be a new year, but Congress is returning to the same old challenge they left behind in 2017 – agreeing on a budget.
9 часов назад

OPINION: The truth about Trump's first year

"Silly is not what a political opposition wants to look like. Yet, as we turn the page on President Trump’s first year in office, the dirigible of anti-Trumpism is assuming an amusingly deflated look." — Allen Guelzo
10 часов назад

Denver nurse fired for supporting Trump, lawsuit claims

After a patient questioned the nurse on who she thought would win the presidential election, the suit claims, Lizzy Mathews said she wanted Trump, and added that she was “praying for him.”

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