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The Guardian

11 часов назад

Search restarts for area willing to host highly radioactive UK waste

Britain needs a long-term solution for the most dangerous waste from its nuclear power stations.
11 часов назад

UK's 'yes or no' Brexit vote was mistake, says Emmanuel Macron

The French people would probably vote to leave the EU if presented with a similar binary choice to the Brexit referendum, reckons Emmanuel Macron.
12 часов назад

The best signs from the Women's March in London – in pictures

We pick out some of the best signs from the Time’s Up march
13 часов назад

Fans pay tribute to Dolores O’Riordan in Limerick

“The song has ended, but the memories linger on.”
14 часов назад

Forget Scandi: the natural home of dark drama is Wales now

After Hinterland/Y Gwyll comes new a BBC series, Requiem.
14 часов назад

Weirdest photos of Trump's year one

There it goes.
15 часов назад

Abusive men are everywhere – and some of us love them | Jess Phillips

"Lena Dunham, a vocal feminist and a woman I respect, found it difficult to believe that her friend Murray Miller, a funny, liberal, smart guy whom she loved, could have Развернуть
16 часов назад

The dark side of glitter

Questions surround glitter's environmental impact – and its role in child slavery.

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