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Sky News

3 часа назад

Singer Tom Petty died from accidental drug overdose, his family reveal

Tom Petty's family have revealed what caused the musician's death
4 часа назад

A year of Trump: Two alternate realities

Trump is 'leading an extraordinary American revival' OR he is an 'embarrassment, stumbling from crisis to crisis'. These are the two alternative realities on Trump's Развернуть
4 часа назад

US government shuts down after Senate fails to approve spending bill

The US government has shut down after politicians failed to agree a new budget - what does that mean for the country?
13 часов назад

Budget airline Norwegian sets new transatlantic record

A budget airline has beaten the record for the fastest transatlantic flight by a conventional plane
13 часов назад

Donald Trump: US abortion laws 'wrong and must change'

Donald Trump has told anti-abortion campaigners that US abortion law is "wrong" and "has to change"
14 часов назад

Trump in numbers

14 часов назад

Is new Arctic research technique the key to finding life on Mars?

Scientists have developed a new technique which they say may help them detect alien life on Mars
14 часов назад

The Cranberries Zombie cover to raise money for singer Dolores O'Riordan's children

Hard rock band Bad Wolves have released their cover of The Cranberries' hit Zombie to raise money for singer Dolores O'Riordan's children
15 часов назад

Sky crew: Harrowing plight of Rohingyas in Myanmar will stay with us

Sky News filmed the first independent evidence from Myanmar's Rakhine State, which laid bare the shocking deprivation and desperation among thousands of stranded Развернуть

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